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Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS services are best way to help you communicate, interact and transact with your target audience. Fully web based platform avoids the need of any installation & download. API facilities allow usage of sms service more efficiently.
Make the most of your bulk SMS marketing, customer engagement & retention campaigns with our award-winning features. Trusted by small and medium businesses, global enterprises, startups, educational institutes & NGOs.

Bulk SMS

Express better by sending SMS in local language like Hindi.Reach out to millions within seconds. Easily schedule and send personalized texts and regional language messages.

SMS Attachments

As you would with an email, locate the file you want to attach from your computer and Messenger will convert this to a clickable link in the body of your text message. Your file will be securely hosted on our server so you don’t have to worry about hosting the file online yourself.

Receive SMS

CloudShope allows you to receive SMS messages online from your customers. The received SMS are stored in your inbox and you can easily respond to and manage them.

Integrate SMS APIs

Using cloud telephony services in an effective and hassle-free manner depends upon how good the API is. Application Program Interface or API is a set of tools, protocols, and routines for building software applications. An efficient API makes it easy and convenient to develop a program by supplying all the building blocks. It is then the job of a programmer to put the blocks together. Most operating environments provide an Application Program Interface enabling the programmers to write applications in consistence with the operating environment. Despite the fact that APIs are designed keeping programmers in mind, APIs are eventually good and helpful for users because APIs guarantee that programs using a common API is going to have similar interfaces. Thus, users can learn and use new programs more easily.

SMS Scheduling

We offers Send Later option to give advance look to SMS broadcasting. You can schedule SMS for future dates for a predefine date and time.

Sender ID & Template

You have been receiving SMS like LM-HATHWAY, TD-Google, MM-FACEBK. These SMS’s sent by Banks, Service Providers, Social Networking sites, Companies and many other recognized organizations, institutes that have started prefixing something like LM, MM, BT, TA, AD, ID, AT, VK…etc.

What’s all this after all?

These are all sender ID. For example, when you receive an SMS from your friend his name is displayed on the screen. This name is his sender id. Similarly if you want to send promotional or transactional SMS the name which will be displayed on your friend’s phone is your sender id.

One must get his own sender ID in order to have a separate identity and to personalize his bulk SMS. The text messages being sent can be made to appear personal to the customers by mentioning their names in the body of the SMS. The customer service phone number of the company or a personal mobile number of an executive should be used as sender ID instead of just using the company name like all companies generally do. These SMS originates from a Bulk SMS provider. The new TRAI regulation insisted bulk SMS providers to restrict the “Sender ID” to minimum 6 characters.

Dedicated Gateway

We provides five dedicated gateway as per your requirements Normal, Priority, Promotional, Transactional and Enterprise. You can use any gateway.

Transactional SMS & Promotional SMS

Bulk messaging is a way to promote the service or product by circulating a large number of messages by the seller to its targeted customer’s mobile phones. This is done to generate the maximum leads and to increase the profitability of the business. With the single click, a person can send the information to the thousands of people.

Bulk SMS can be divided into two categories

Transactional SMS: This SMS is sent which contains information related to payments, transfer of money, for OTP etc. For example, whenever you will buy any service from TechnoReseller they will send its confirmation or invoice amount on your registered mobile number. The message will also contain order number or transaction id.

Promotional SMS: This SMS is sent which contains information about the product, service, offers, updates or any upcoming events. These SMS are basically for promoting and marketing of the business. For example, Retailers send their customer SMS whenever an exciting sale is going on to attract the customers.

Things to keep in mind before sending Bulk SMS:

  • The sender should maintain the database of the customers whom he wants to send the SMS. The targeted customers should be who are involved with the services or the product and should be sent to the numbers which are not in the NDNC registry.
  • The content of your SMS should be short and objectives should be in clear words so your customer understands them easily. Use words which will attract the customer.
  • The timing of your SMS is also important, you can send them between 9 am to 9 pm in which customer generally access their phones. Do not send SMS on the odd hours to the customers as it will bring unwanted attention of the customer.
  • Your sender id should be related to your business so that customer can understand from where they have received the SMS. The most service provider will allow you to do this.

Some of the benefits of Bulk SMS are that it is suitable for small and medium businesses as it is cost effective technique. Your SMS can also include various links like to the particular page of the website or to the payment gateway so that customer can easily visit the website without wasting any time. It also prevents from any frauds as transactional messages are only sent to the registered mobile phones. We can also take feedback from the customers on to the particular service or product which helps in taking decisions.

Bulk SMS

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